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Spartans sweep Anamosa, Maquoketa

Solon’s Seamus Poynton applies the pressure to Maquoketa’s Zach Gavin during a 170-pound match at the Spartans’ home double dual Jan. 4. Poynton pinned Gavin in the third period. (photo by Mary Hadenfeldt)

SOLON– Solon’s varsity wrestlers lost only two matches while sweeping a home double dual against WaMaC Conference foes Anamosa and Maquoketa Jan. 4.
The Spartans crushed Anamosa, 70-6, and clobbered Maquoketa, 75-6.
Solon gave up a pin in each meet.
“I thought our team wrestled well throughout both of the duals,” Solon Head Coach Blake Williams said. “I liked our intensity and thought we wrestled with aggression. We talked about wrestling with urgency throughout a match no matter what the score is. We want to instill in our guys to always be thinking about scoring. I thought we did a pretty good job of that.”
Against Anamosa, Solon racked up seven pins and a major decision.
Christian Haight (132 pounds), Zack Bevans (152), Seamus Poynton (170), Mike Hoyle (182), Zach Wegmann (220), Michael Broghammer (285) and Zeb Gnida (120) all won by fall. Jax Flynn (160) scored an 18-5 major decision. Anamosa forfeited at three weight classes.
Bevans went on a scoring frenzy in his third period against Anamosa’s Logan Seeley, connecting on six takedowns before recording a pin in 5:17.
“This should give him lots of confidence moving forward,” Williams said, noting Bevans also took on a tough Maquoketa wrestler for a 3-0 decision. “Zack has improved in all positions for wrestling since last year. I have been pleased with how hard he has been working.”
The Spartans had nine falls against the Cardinals.
Gnida, Haight, Andy Brokaw (138), Caleb Ebert (145), Flynn, Poynton, Hoyle, Adam Bock (195) and Lane Goodwin (113) scored pins against Maquoketa.
Poynton got two pins on the night, both in the third period.
“He wrestled the way we want him to wrestle,” Williams said. “He is gaining confidence as well.”
Anamosa and Maquoketa will both be in Solon’s district tournament, he noted. “These matches were very important because they can determine seeds in our postseason tournaments.”
The competition was tougher at the Allie Morrison Duals in Marshalltown over the weekend.
The Spartans captured fourth place in the tournament Saturday, Jan. 6, finishing with a 2-3 record for the day with wins over West Marshall (59-8) and host Marshalltown (42-27).
Solon collected two very close losses– to Norwalk, ranked No. 12 in 3A, 39-32, and Webster City, ranked No. 9 in 2A, 36-34. The Spartans also lost to Johnston, which is ranked in the top five in 3A, 54-18.
“There was good competition all day and for our team to wrestle in five duals in one day was a good experience,” Williams said. “Two of the duals we lost were learning experiences for our team. Our guys must realize that getting bonus points and not giving up bonus points are crucial in close dual meets. We gave up too many bonus points and didn’t get enough in some of the matches we won.”
Hoyle went 5-0 on the day, with four pins and a major decision.
Solon travels to Clear Creek Amana (CCA) Thursday, Jan. 11, for a double dual meet with CCA and Center Point-Urbana, then returns home Saturday, Jan. 13, to host the 13-team Ed Hadenfeldt Invitational.
“This annually is one of the toughest tournaments in the state,” Williams noted.
Returning state champion Lisbon will be competing, along with highly-ranked West Liberty, Washington and Albia teams. Wrestling starts at 9:30 a.m. 

Solon wrestling Anamosa Maquoketa Jan. 4
Solon 70, Anamosa 6
126: Morgan Rowley (ANAM) over Aidan Dall (SOLO) (Fall 1:38) 132: Christian Haight (SOLO) over Haiden Smith (ANAM) (Fall 5:30) 138: Andy Brokaw (SOLO) over Mitchell Engelbart (ANAM) (Dec 8-2) 145: Caleb Ebert (SOLO) over Alex Casey (ANAM) (Dec 8-4) 152: Zack Bevans (SOLO) over Logan Seeley (ANAM) (Fall 5:17) 160: Jax Flynn (SOLO) over Nathan Keating (ANAM) (MD 18-5) 170: Seamus Poynton (SOLO) over Mason` Christe (ANAM) (Fall 4:25) 182: Mike Hoyle (SOLO) over Jacob Bachelder (ANAM) (Fall 1:57) 195: Adam Bock (SOLO) over (ANAM) (For.) 220: Zach Wegmann (SOLO) over Connor Andersen (ANAM) (Fall 5:10) 285: Michael Broghammer (SOLO) over Travis Evens (ANAM) (Fall 0:17) 106: Gabe Yetley (SOLO) over (ANAM) (For.) 113: Austin Schwake (SOLO) over (ANAM) (For.) 120: Zeb Gnida (SOLO) over Cameron Breashears (ANAM) (Fall 0:24)

Solon 75, Maquoketa 6
120: Zeb Gnida (SOLO) over Justin Holst (MAQU) (Fall 2:33) 126: Aidan Dall (SOLO) over (MAQU) (For.) 132: Christian Haight (SOLO) over Payton Schueller (MAQU) (Fall 1:44) 138: Andy Brokaw (SOLO) over Mason Springer (MAQU) (Fall 0:33) 145: Caleb Ebert (SOLO) over Jack Bowman (MAQU) (Fall 1:21) 152: Zack Bevans (SOLO) over Abraham Michel (MAQU) (Dec 3-0) 160: Jax Flynn (SOLO) over Liam Aunan (MAQU) (Fall 1:37) 170: Seamus Poynton (SOLO) over Zach Gavin (MAQU) (Fall 5:39) 182: Mike Hoyle (SOLO) over Lane Stender (MAQU) (Fall 1:55) 195: Adam Bock (SOLO) over Ryne Gruenwald (MAQU) (Fall 3:03) 220: Zach Wegmann (SOLO) over (MAQU) (For.) 285: Taven Rich (MAQU) over Michael Broghammer (SOLO) (Fall 2:35) 106: Gabe Yetley (SOLO) over (MAQU) (For.) 113: Lane Goodwin (SOLO) over Dylan Pietz (MAQU) (Fall 0:47)

Allie Morrison Duals:
Solon (Fourth place)
Norwalk defeated Solon, 39-32
106: Grant Harbour (Norwalk) over Gabe Yetley (Solon) Fall 1:22
113: Austin Brenizer (Norwalk) over Lane Goodwin (Solon) Fall 3:52
120: Zeb Gnida (Solon) over Keaton Moret (Norwalk) Dec 8-2
126: Aidan Dall (Solon) over Landon Card (Norwalk) Dec 8-3
132: Christian Haight (Solon) over Cade Schmidt (Norwalk) Maj 9-1
138: Carter Schmidt (Norwalk) over Andy Brokaw (Solon) Maj 12-2
145: Ethan Vetterick (Norwalk) over Caleb Ebert (Solon) Fall 3:37
152: Zack Bevans (Solon) over Tristen Duncan (Norwalk) Fall 1:53
160: Jax Flynn (Solon) over Trey Wulf (Norwalk) Fall 1:47
170: Jack Livingston (Norwalk) over Seamus Poynton (Solon) TF 19-4
182: Mike Hoyle (Solon) over Nick Foster (Norwalk) Maj 10-2
195: Nate Heckart (Norwalk) over Adam Bock (Solon) Fall 1:43
220: Drake Leek (Norwalk) over Nash Altman (Solon) Fall 0:41
285: Zach Wegmann (Solon) over Bryce Kohls (Norwalk) Fall 3:27

Solon defeated Marshalltown, 42-27
182: Mike Hoyle (Solon) over Carson Williams (Marshalltown) Fall 1:07
195: Jordan Fox (Marshalltown) over Adam Bock (Solon) Dec 6-0
220: Zach Wegmann (Solon) over Decker Mann (Marshalltown) Dec 11-5
285: Jordan Anderson (Marshalltown) over Michael Broghammer (Solon) Fall 0:54
106: Gabe Yetley (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113: Zach Bitker (Marshalltown) over Austin Schwake (Solon) Fall 2:40
120: Zeb Gnida (Solon) over Jay Drummer (Marshalltown) Fall 3:40
126: Aidan Dall (Solon) over Erick Rodriguez (Marshalltown) Maj 16-5
132: Christian Haight (Solon) over Coltin Grimm (Marshalltown) TF 19-4
138: Logan Baccam (Marshalltown) over Andy Brokaw (Solon) Dec 9-4
145: Dycen Blocker (Marshalltown) over Caleb Ebert (Solon) Fall 2:49
152: Zack Bevans (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
160: Seamus Poynton (Solon) over Brayden Arnote (Marshalltown) Fall 2:38
170: Brian Trowbridge (Marshalltown) over Jax Flynn (Solon) Dec 6-4

Solon defeated West Marshall, 59-8
106: Gabe Yetley (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
113: Lane Goodwin (Solon) over Cael Pfantz (West Marshall) Dec 7-4
120: Zeb Gnida (Solon) over Jacob Vawter (West Marshall) TF 16-0
126: Hunter Pfantz (West Marshall) over Colton Spillman (Solon) Maj 12-0
132: Christian Haight (Solon) over Grant Nason (West Marshall) Dec 6-4
138: Andy Brokaw (Solon) over Wyatt Edler (West Marshall) TF 15-0
145: Caleb Ebert (Solon) over Ben Kielman (West Marshall) Dec 11-9
152: Zack Bevans (Solon) over Cael Kline (West Marshall) Maj 14-4
160: Jax Flynn (Solon) over Luke Kalinay (West Marshall) Fall 1:17
170: Levi Randall (West Marshall) over Hayes Diersen (Solon) Maj 12-3
182: Mike Hoyle (Solon) over Mason Rudkin (West Marshall) Fall 2:58
195: Adam Bock (Solon) over Kyle Schaper (West Marshall) Fall 3:57
220: Zach Wegmann (Solon) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285: Michael Broghammer (Solon) over Ben Krafka (West Marshall) Fall 3:55

Webster City defeated Solon, 36-34
106: Reece Sadler (Webster City) over Gabe Yetley (Solon) Fall 1:46
113: Chase Rattenborg (Webster City) over Lane Goodwin (Solon) Fall 3:36
120: Drake Doolittle (Webster City) over Zeb Gnida (Solon) Dec 6-4
126: Aidan Dall (Solon) over Nick Gasca (Webster City) Fall 2:49
132: Christian Haight (Solon) over Brady Auderer (Webster City) Fall 1:16
138: Carson Hartnett (Webster City) over Andy Brokaw (Solon) Fall 0:48
145: Caleb Ebert (Solon) over Daltyn Peck (Webster City) Maj 10-2
152: Luke Rohmiller (Webster City) over Zack Bevans (Solon) Dec 6-2
160: Jax Flynn (Solon) over Harrison Hayes (Webster City) Fall 1:04
170: Zane Williams (Webster City) over Seamus Poynton (Solon) Dec 11-5
182: Hayes Diersen (Solon) over Alex Wolfgram (Webster City) Fall 1:38
195: Mike Hoyle (Solon) over Caleb Olson (Webster City) Fall 3:26
220: James Cherry (Webster City) over Zach Wegmann (Solon) Dec 7-3
285: Cooper Lawson (Webster City) over Michael Broghammer (Solon) Fall 0:27

Johnston defeated Solon, 54-18
106: Rheiner Stahlbaum (Johnston) over Gabe Yetley (Solon) Fall 1:49
113: Caleb Helgeson (Johnston) over Austin Schwake (Solon) Fall 1:19
120: Zeb Gnida (Solon) over Thomas Edwards (Johnston) Dec 7-5
126: Aidan Dall (Solon) over Peter Erickson (Johnston) Dec 11-9
132: Zach Price (Johnston) over Christian Haight (Solon) Fall 1:41
138: Sterling Brunk (Johnston) over Andy Brokaw (Solon) Dec 11-4
145: Elliott Pohlmeyer (Johnston) over Caleb Ebert (Solon) Fall 0:49
152: Cade Moss (Johnston) over Zack Bevans (Solon) Fall 2:43
160: Noah Rogers (Johnston) over Jax Flynn (Solon) Dec 6-4
170: Collin Hushagen (Johnston) over Seamus Poynton (Solon) Fall 1:00
182: Mike Hoyle (Solon) over Harrison Pauley (Johnston) Fall 1:07
195: Javian Rolley (Johnston) over Adam Bock (Solon) Fall 0:47
220: Zach Wegmann (Solon) over Ben Standish (Johnston) Fall 3:27
285: Jake Ryan (Johnston) over Michael Broghammer (Solon) Fall 0:45