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Six running for seats on CCA’s school board

Introducing Penny Schnedler

OXFORD– The Clear Creek Amana (CCA) Community School District will see changes to its School Board of Directors in the wake of the Tuesday, Nov. 5, elections as board members Terry Davis and Steve Swenka are not seeking reelection while incumbent Matt McAreavy will face Brian Horsford, former board member Eileen Schmidt, and Penny Schnedler in a contest for two at-large seats. Board member Jennifer Mooney is running unopposed for reelection to her District 1 (Amana and Oxford) seat while newcomer Jeff Tackaberry is running unopposed for the District 3 (Tiffin and rural Oxford) seat currently held by Swenka.
All candidates were sent a series of questions, and their responses are printed below.
Schmidt, Mooney, Tackaberry, McAreavy and Horsford’s responses were featured in the Oct. 10 edition of the North Liberty Leader.
Penny Schnedler is a human rresources specialist for the University of Iowa, where she has worked for nearly 23 years. She has lived in the CCA school district for 13 years and has a son and a daughter along with seven grandkids and two dogs. “Three of my younger grandkids live in the Clear Creek Amana school district,” she said. “I am artistic with a love for all aspects of art and a passion for photography.”

Why are you running for election to the school board? If an incumbent, why are you seeking reelection?
Schnedler — Three of my younger grandkids are in the Clear Creek Amana school district and will be here for years to come. I also have a daughter that is a teacher in another school district in Eastern Iowa so I am well aware of the importance of involvement when it comes to education. It is not always possible for everyone to be in a position with a voice so it is important to have someone that can be that voice for them.

What skills, experience, and background do you bring to the board table?
Schnedler — Confidentiality, a high level of confidentiality is important in a position such as this. The ability to listen and absorb all points before making decisions. I am not a Realtor, project manager, a teacher, nor have I been on the school board in the past. I’m a mom and a grandma and I feel those are two reasons to be involved.

What do you see as the greatest challenge, or challenges, facing CCA?
Schnedler — Keeping on top of facilities, staffing and academic resources while maintaining the high standards of the district.
To help prepare the students to be responsible, productive individuals.

What would be your proposed solution, and as one voice on the board, how would you garner support?
Schnedler — I feel like this is something will agree on and support.

What is your assessment of the district overall, and how do you think you can benefit it by being on the board?
Schnedler — Clear Creek Amana school district has a good reputation. One that entices families to move to the district when considering schooling for their children. I would approach the opportunity with an open mind, willing to listen and take in all necessary information when making decisions.

The district held a candidate forum on Wednesday, Oct. 9, which can be viewed online at https://www.youtube.com by searching for Clear Creek Amana school board meetings.
Voters in the district are able to vote for all board seats, and at-large members may live anywhere in the CCA school district. Members elected to district seats, however, must reside in their director district. A map of the director districts can be found at https://www.ccaschools.org on the Board of Education page.