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A proud first year for Keystone Place

Open house celebrates one-year anniversary

NORTH LIBERTY— It was an evening of celebration for Keystone Place at Forevergreen. Staff, residents and locals of the retirement community celebrated its first year in North Liberty on Thursday, Nov. 9.
“Well, we did it!” declared co-owner Tom Lepic. “And how exciting it is that we’re here tonight.”
The Nick George Jazz Trio provided musical ambiance for the open house as guests entered the lobby. There, attendees were greeted by artist Blake Ross. The Bettendorf native recently completed an ambitious mural for Keystone’s Memory Care Courtyard, proudly on display. As guests settled in, Lepic took a moment to address those who’ve supported the retirement community and came to celebrate the occasion.
“We have the greatest residents anywhere,” he said. “And whenever they hear we’re having a party, they’re the first ones to join in because they love living here; we love having them.”
As the patrons enjoyed food, drinks and conversation at the open house celebration, Lepic took a moment to offer some background on how Keystone Place came to be.
“Years and years ago, I grew up in Iowa City,“ he began. Lepic recalled having to look for a place for his mother to live. Inspiration took hold after his friend and associate at Lepic-Kroeger Realtors and future co-owner of Keystone Place, Julie Dancer, opened twelve senior housing centers.
“And I got a crazy idea,” he reminisced.
“I said to her, ‘How fun would it be to travel the country, to look at all the different senior housing centers around, and pick up what we think is the best things of each of them and bring them here?’”
Lepic envisioned the long-term benefits of Keystone Place for both his community and himself personally. “It would be such an honor for me that I could do this in the community that I grew up in,“ he said. “And enjoy the rest of my life with them together.”
Keystone’s open house featured food and beverages presented in festive displays, provided by award-winning Executive Chef Linzee Barr and her culinary team of New Horizon Foods. Guests were given tours of the four-story residence, as well as the newly painted courtyard mural, which serves as a colorful celebration of Iowa scenery and culture. Raffle drawings and giveaways were also held.
“We’re just so very grateful for everyone’s support in our success,” Director of Community Relations Michelle Milcoff said of the event’s turnout. “Our chef did a wonderful job with her creativity.”
The open house was host to nearly 300 guests with Mayor Donahue and other city officials among the attendees. Keystone’s resident pup Cooper also made the rounds, greeting guests while making sure to tidy up the occasional hors d’oeuvres finding their way to the floor.
“We want everybody to know that it’s an honor for us to have you here tonight,” Lepic summarized. “To know that you wanted to come out and see what we have built and see how proud we are of it.”
Following the celebration, Milcoff offered gratitude while looking to Keystone’s future.
“To our friends and families who joined us, supported us, assisted us and celebrated with us in person and in spirit, we thank you for making this the most wonderful celebration and the beginning of our exciting new journey.”