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Posters for sale

If you enjoy Toni’s display windows, why not pick up a poster as a memento of some of her previous works? Framed posters “Of Time and Place” are currently on display at the library. The posters are real conversation starters and fit nicely into a room filled with nostalgia or an entryway. Cost is $10 for unframed posters or $25 for framed posters.  Posters may be purchased at the library or ordered by emailing SolonLibrFriends @aol.com or call Sue at 319-624-2632.

Teddy bears for sale Were you attracted to one of more of the 100 teddy bears adorning the Christmas tree in the Children’s Section of the library? Or, maybe you have ideas for making a bear tree of your own? What kid wouldn’t like that in their room? All of the bears on the tree are being offered for sale for 50 cents each. The tree will be taken down at the end of the week, so hurry in and get your favorites. Ask for a bag and pay at the circulation desk.

New books for adults
It’s time to visit the library! Pick up a stack of books and settle back and read. The shortest day of the year has already passed so time’s a wastin’. New selections on the non-fiction shelf include: “Throw Them All Out” by Peter Schweizer. This is a political book based on research by Schweizer showing how the permanent political class enriches itself at the expense of the rest of us. “Catherine The Great” by Robert K. Massie is a superbly told biography of an obscure young German princess who traveled to Russia at age 14 and transformed herself into Empress of Russia. In this book, this eternally fascinating woman is returned to life.
Place a hold on any of these great reads that you don’t find on the shelf. “Valley of Dreams” is the first in a new series by Lauraine Snelling. Addy Lockwood traveled with her father’s Wild West Show after the death of her mother. When her father died, she had nowhere else to go so continued to work with the show. Finding that her “Uncle” Jason has driven the show deeply into debt, Addy, too, leaves the show and a bundle of heartache behind and begins a wild and daring adventure. Philippa Gregory is the author of “The Lady of the Rivers,” a remarkable story of Jacquetta, Duchess of Bedford, and a woman who navigated a treacherous path through the battle lines in the War of the Roses. When the Duke of Bedford, English regent of France, dies and leaves her a wealthy widow, she marries the duke’s squire. They return to England where Jacquetta befriends the new queen of young King Henry VI. In this powerful story there are growing threats from the people of England and the danger of royal rivals.
Just released and on the shelves is another Stone Barrington novel, “D. C. Dead,” by Stuart Woods. After a shocking loss, Stone Barrington is at loose ends. Does he want to stay in New York and continue his work or head to Washington, D.C. when summoned by the President? This mission could reunite him with his former partner, Holly Barker. Those who enjoy Stone Barrington novels will find this to be another must read. Those of you reading Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta novels will be thrilled to see her latest release, “Red Mist.” Six months ago, Jack Fielding, Scarpetta’s former deputy chief, was murdered and she is on her way to Georgia Prison for Women to talk to an inmate about not only this murder, but a string of killings. Connections that she uncovers lead far beyond Fielding’s death and to a terrorism plot that only she can stop.
Stephen Hunter’s new thriller, “Soft Target,” chronicles the day the unthinkable happens when 12 gunmen open fire in the mall corridors and herd thousands of hostages into an amusement park. Ray Cruz, a retired Marine sniper, one of the heroes from Hunter’s last bestseller, “Dead Zero,” is in the mall with his fiancé. Set during four hours of the terrifying event, the story follows both hostages and gunmen with unrelenting suspense. Hunter takes us to the center of a terror-filled afternoon in Middle America.
P. D. James, inspired by a lifelong passion for Jane Austen, has recreated “Pride and Prejudice” into a brilliantly crafted crime story in “Death Comes To Pemberley.” On the eve of the much anticipated annual autumn ball, a coach careens up the drive carrying Lydia, the disgraced sister and her very dubious husband, Wickham, who have been banned from Pemberley. Lydia stumbles out of the carriage shrieking with hysteria that Wickham has been murdered, plunging Pemberley into a frightening mystery.
Jeffrey Archer, New York Times bestselling author, has just introduced the first novel in the Clifton Chronicles. This epic tale tells the story of a family across generations and oceans. From the ravages of the Great War to the streets of 1940 New York City, this powerful journey will reveal 100 years of a family story.
Stephen King gives us a heart-stopping 850 page novel, “11/23/63,” about a man who travels back to the day that JFK was shot and prevents the assassination. King introduces readers to a character who has the power to change the course of history.
Book 7 of W.E.B. Griffin’s Presidential Agent series is titled, “Covert Warriors.” Charley Castillo and his men have gone in to investigate a third world country whose special forces are being trained by the Chinese. They are in too deep before they realize that they are on the hit lists of several countries and the drug cartels. Digging their way out of this one will have to be on their own.

Book club news
The January meeting of the Solon Area Book Club will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 17, at 6:30 p.m. in the meeting room at the library. It is open to any interested adult readers. For questions about the book club, please contact Joyce Barta. To borrow a copy of the monthly selection, please contact the library.
The book selected for January is “The Irresistible Henry House” by Lisa Grunwald. Henry House was raised in the unlikely circumstance of an orphaned baby used in a university home economics program to teach mothering skills to young women in the mid-20th century. From his early days as a “practice baby” through his adult adventures, Henry is unable to return the affection of the many ladies who try to lay claim to his heart. Not until he faces the truths of his past can he find a chance to find real love.
Enjoy reading this book and join the group as they discuss this story.

TAB hosting Candy Land
On Friday, Jan. 13, the Teen Advisory Board (TAB) will be hosting a free family event playing a life-sized Candy Land game in the meeting room from 3:30-4:30 p.m. Plan to join the fun as you become a real live game piece on the Candy Land board.  It will be most popular with kindergarten-fourth grades but any age is welcome to participate. This event will celebrate the conclusion of Toni Russo’s latest window display, Candy Land, which will be on display until Jan. 14. 

Winter book sale
Mark your calendar! Spread the word! Tell your friends! Friends of the Solon Library will hold their Winter Book Sale on Saturday, Feb. 4. Many items have already been collected. If you are cleaning out after Christmas, we still have room for your donated books, DVDs, CDs and gift items. More details will be announced next week.