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Noises Off!

Theatrical frivolity on the CCA stage
Frederick Fellowes (far left, played by Logan Davis) tries to pull Belinda Blair (Maia Davidson) away from an axe-wielding Dotty Otley (Jenna Tackaberry) while Garry Lejeune (Gabe Crozier) and Lloyd Dallas (Trevor Toy) try to restrain Otley backstage at a production of the play-within-a-play, “Nothing’s On.”

TIFFIN — In 1982, playwright Michael Frayn penned a satirical look at the world of theatre titled “Noises Off.” It won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best Play and the London Evening Standard’s Theatre Award for Best Comedy.

Critics hailed the tale of a hapless troupe attempting to stage a production of a play entitled “Nothing’s On,” amidst a backdrop of troubles and turmoil, as one of the funniest farces ever written.

The comedy of errors, set in various theatres during the run of Nothing’s On, was presented at Tiffin High School’s Performing Arts Center from Dec. 4 through Dec. 6.
Pete Huch, director of Clear Creek Amana (CCA) High School’s drama department, first saw Noises Off while in college. “I just thought it was one of the funniest shows I’d ever seen,” said Huch. For 12 years, he has led the Clipper thespians, and this show has always been on his to-do list.
“This is just a fun show,” Huch said. “It’s a farce, it’s a lot of entrances and exits, it’s a lot of goofiness, it’s just a good show to come and laugh at.”
Jenna Tackaberry, Trevor Toy, Gabe Crozier, Ellie Iglehart, Jenna Watts, Logan Davis, Maia Davidson, Eli Davidson and Sam Watts brought the fictional insanity to life.
“CCA always has great actors and actresses,” said Huch, “and we make the most of their talents.”
The second stanza of the three-act tale is set backstage during a performance. To facilitate this, Macumber designed a rotating set.
“A phenomenal backstage crew” attended to the set dressing and manhandled the set into position between acts, Huch said. Lauren Judge was the stage manager, with Mollie Sherman as the assistant stage manager. The rest of the crew included Connor Crozier, Shaunessey Crozier, Emma Davis, Andrey Floryanovich, Kyl Lane, Miles Lucas, Sarah McGrath, Tessa McRoberts, Josh Meade and Bekah Williams. Jake Tener kept the actors in the limelight while Bryan Kalkhoff ensured their every word would be heard.
Huch and technical director Ben Macumber are calling it quits after the upcoming spring musical, leaving Huch one last curtain call. The Huch-Macumber era will end with “Little Shop of Horrors.” Huch hinted he might play a role in the musical comedy, another production which he has been waiting for 12 years to bring to the stage.