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New activities director

Casey Hack of Midland to succeed Zach Wigle

By Trent Bowman
Solon Economist
SOLON– The Solon Community School Board acted Friday, Jan. 26, to hire Casey Hack as Solon’s new Activities Director.
Responsibilities of an activities director include administrative duties, as well as implementing and supervising student programs.
Hack’s contract begins July 1, when he will replace Zach Wigle. Wigle will transition to principal for the new Solon Intermediate School.
The married father of three is wrapping up his 10-year career at Midland Community High School in Wyoming. Hack served there as the Activities Director for five years and was the head football coach for six.
Hack grew up in Clarence and his family farmed in nearby Lowden.
“I was a Clarence-Lowden kid,” he said. The two merged when he was in the sixth grade to form the North Cedar Community School District.
The oldest of five children, Hack grew up along with three younger brothers and a sister adopted from China, the youngest of the group.
After graduation, Hack earned his bachelor’s degree at Coe College in preK-12 education before doubling back to receive his master’s in educational leadership at Drake University.
It was his passion for kids, said Hack, that led him to his current line of work.
“It’s important for me to be able to impact as many kids as I can positively,” he said.
He also has, “a desire to coach and be around kids and coaches,” said Hack. “And seeing kids just be happy and have a lot of successes.”
When Hack first noticed the opportunity in Solon, he could not pass it up, especially after a visit.
He singled out how supportive the district is and said the school’s fine arts programs are first-class.
Hack was also drawn to the desire of the school to be great, as well as its athletic programs.
“It’s the community that comes around the school,” said Hack.
“They have great facilities that I’m super excited to be a part of,” he said, adding he is anxious to start showing off the Solon Center for the Arts, which opened in 2016.
Hack said everyone he has met so far in Solon are “all first-class people. I’m excited to get there and meet them all and be a part of the team.”
The educator said he will put his house on the market soon and will be looking for something that also works for his wife, Courtney, and their three young children. The kids range from 6 years to 14 weeks.
Hack said he is grateful for the opportunity and he plans to attend an upcoming basketball game in Solon to begin establishing himself.
“My family is looking forward to the move to Solon and we are excited for this chapter in our lives,” Hack said in a statement.

Hack will become Solon’s second full-time activities director after Wigle, who joined the district in 2016. Previously, Keith McSweeney had filled the role in a part-time position since 2000, but declined to continue when it was decided to expand the job to full time.
, according to Solon Community School District Superintendent Davis Eidahl.
“We included 26 stakeholders in the interview process,” Eidahl noted in an email. “We had an administration committee, community committee consisting of Solon residents active in Solon Spotlight, booster club and in our community. We also had a committee of coaches, directors and club sponsors.”
“I am ecstatic to be joining a great team of administrators, educators, coaches, and sponsors at Solon,” Hack said in his statement. “I look forward to having the opportunity to impact the students at Solon as well as becoming actively involved in the community. I have a deep passion to help kids believe in and reach their full potential. I am determined to help carry on the successful traditions at Solon. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work at a place that has a desire to be great in academics, athletics, and fine arts.”