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Lady Spartans put it together against West Delaware, 4-0

SOLON– The Lady Spartans put together an offensive and defensive stand to triumph over the West Delaware Hawks, 4-0, at Spartan Stadium on Monday, April 16.
As Coach John Tucker prognosticated following the first game of the season, when the Lady Spartans can put together the offense and lean on their defense, success would be the result.
Solon mustered an early rally getting out in front 2-0 with less than 14 minutes expired in the first half. Senior Brianna Smith sank the first goal, a little more than a minute into the game for the Spartans, and ultimately was responsible for two of Solon’s four points in the game, making four shots with three attempts on the goal for the evening.
“She has always been a vocal leader, and motivator. I also watched her through the basketball season and knew what she can bring to the court, or in our case, field. We will continue to work on fine-tuning skills, and working on seeing plays as they develop, but that will certainly come as she gains more experience,” Coach Tucker commented on Smith’s performance since leaving the goal for the field this season.
Sophomore Sylvia Havlicek was responsible for the second score of the half, with seven shots on goal for the evening and two assists.
In the second half, Smith was responsible for the first score of the half, her second of the game. Junior Kenzie Pentico scored the Lady Spartans’ final goal of the game, her only attempt on the goal, with 27:30 remaining.
The Lady Spartans turned away several assaults on the goal by the Hawks, relying on solid defensive efforts provided by seniors Faye Düster and Chandler Dewitt, sophomore Ashley Melchert and juniors Piper Radcliffe and Jayna Koffron. Coach Tucker and Assistants Andrea Keegan and Jeff Frerich substituted often with four games in five weeks forthcoming.
“Our defense is really starting to work well together,” Tucker said. “Again, partly because of the experience of playing tough teams like Marion and Beckman, but also because they have had more time together in game situations now. Although they got quite a bit of playing time last year, this is an almost completely new lineup relative to their positions, and we are still learning. But I am impressed at how quickly they are starting to settle into their roles, and are starting to play really well together.”
Senior Megan Tucker recorded one shot on goal and two assists, senior Lauren Roeder attempted three shots and two attempts on goal– both turned away, junior Taylor Noonan took three shots with two on goal– both turned away, and senior Grace Keith attempted two shots.
Asked about the series of games in a short time, Coach Tucker said the game plan was frequent substitutions to keep the team fresh. “Each game is a little different,” he said. “When we have an opportunity to get playing time for more players, it helps them get better, and raises the level of the team. I also put some players in new positions to see how they worked together, and see if there were things that we could build on going forward. I’m always impressed at the willingness of the players to step up when asked, especially when I ask them to do something that they are not necessarily comfortable with. We have had very limited time this year to get good practices on the turf, so each opportunity we get we’ll make the best of.”
Sophomore Brenna Gogel spent 80 minutes as keeper and recorded three saves in the game.
“Our practices these days are actual games, so we spend time talking about what is happening in those games at half time, as well as before and after games,” Tucker said. “We are learning by doing.”