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NORTH LIBERTY — They all have an alias. Bruce Wayne’s alias: “Batman.” Clark Kent’s alias: “Superman.” Peter Parker’s alias: “Spiderman.” And the alias of North Liberty resident Cody Mason? “The Bugman.”
No, Mason doesn’t have supernatural powers. He doesn’t don a set of tights, a mask, and a cape. He doesn’t battle evil doers in the pages of a comic book, but he does battle insects and pests capable of doing evil in homes and businesses.
The Iowa City native and his wife Christine moved to Las Vegas roughly four years ago. With a plethora of unpleasant bugs around, such as scorpions, fire ants, several varieties of spiders, and swarms of killer bees, Mason was bombing his house daily with consumer grade insect products. One day, “the bug man” showed up to spray the house Mason was renting.
And the wheels started turning.
Mason hired-on with a Vegas pest control company, gaining education and experience.
“You can’t just read a book and learn it,” he said while telling of such pest encounters as his first attack on a hive of killer bees. While being stung, he ended up running down the street, eventually outrunning the enraged mass.
After two years Mason opened his own business, A+ Pest Control. While living in North Liberty previously, he had worked as a business manager for a car dealer in Iowa City. In Vegas, he found exterminating insects to be a change leading to a fulfilling occupation.
“I like being out and about. I love customer service,” Mason said, noting how much he didn’t like being parked behind a desk all day. Even though he was happily occupied, and Christine was gaining experience as a teacher, there was still something missing.
“We knew we wanted to come back here, this is where our friends and family are,” said Mason about packing up and moving back to North Liberty. Christine was hired by the College Community School District in Cedar Rapids, and Cody relocated his extermination enterprise. Son Orion enrolled in Penn Elementary, and daughters Lourdes and Britton went to a North Liberty daycare. The family was home.
Your friendly neighborhood Bugman, a play on cartoonist Stan Lee’s catch-phrase for Spiderman, began serving North Liberty and the surrounding area in May 2009.
“Business has been good,” he said. “But it could always be better.” With his distinctive silver pickup with Bugman graphics, and word-of-mouth advertising, Mason expects his service calls to increase.
“I learned the trade out there (Vegas), it’s so vital to have a trained and knowledgeable technician,” Mason said. “I can provide solid pest control, and I like helping people.” He pointed out a local business whose owner commented, “The other guys never did all that,” referring to the thoroughness and attention to detail Mason provided.
The Bugman noted termites and other wood destroying insects inflict billions of dollars worth of damage each year, even out-doing hurricanes and tornadoes. He added the damage is often not caught until its too late and expensive repairs are necessary. German cockroaches are also common to the area along with irritating seasonal insects such as box elder bugs and Japanese beetles. Do you remember the old saying, “Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite?” Well, according to Mason, bed bugs are on the increase.
Mason pointed out common big box store pest control chemicals typically contain only one-half of a percent of the active ingredient. The Bugman’s arsenal of 100 percent organic chemicals, by contrast, has 3 to 6 percent active ingredient. He added the average consumer has to deal with odor and allergy risks with commercial products in addition to using products they have little to no knowledge about. The Bugman is a skilled, trained professional who places the safety of the customer and their pets – as well as his own safety – first.
“As a business owner, you have to provide the service you’d want in your own home. You also take more pride in your work,” Mason said. By providing personalized service, Mason said he brings something to his customers larger companies often can’t: familiarity and consistency. He is able to learn the house or business he’s servicing, getting to know the “problem areas.” “Customers don’t want to have to keep answering the same questions over and over again,” Mason said. He added his personal touch also brings peace of mind to home and business owners as they’re dealing with the same technician each time. Mason is also a firm believer in buying local and supporting local businesses.
“I provide a high quality of customer service, and use the best and safest sprays. The quality of work is second to none,” Mason proudly stated. “Once they see the quality of service, they’ll see a big difference. They will be 100 percent pleased with my service.”
The Bugman is available to rescue citizens from the ravages of pests and vermin by calling (319) 665-BUGS (2847). For more information, go to www.aliasbugman.com.