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Hawk women fall to Iowa State

It was too many turnovers, too many missed layups and too much home cooking as the Cyclones knocked off the Hawkeyes Thursday at Hilton Coliseum, 83-70.
Eighteen turnovers, including 13 in the first half, plus Samantha Logic getting an elbow in the forehead which started bleeding and took her out with less than seven minutes left in the first half.
Iowa State was leading 24-13 at the time and increased that to 41-28 at half.
Samantha came back and played the whole second half and led the Hawks with 18 points and seven rebounds.
You want to talk about home cooking?
I know I’m a big time Iowa Hawkeye fan and probably wouldn’t root for the ‘Clones any other time but I always tell everyone, my dad graduated from Iowa State and the Cyclones gave us Dan Gable, so it’s not all bad… except for the refs last week.
Iowa had 30 fouls called against them, Iowa State 18.
The ‘Clones shot 49 free throws and made 37, the Hawks shot 20 free throws, making 13.
The new rules are no more hand-checking and tighten up when an offensive player drives into the paint.
The referees did a good job of enforcing the new rules… on one end of the court.
I know that good teams are supposed to overcome that, but the Hawkeyes weren’t good enough to do it at this point.
Iowa also got out rebounded 46-37 and the ‘Clones had 30 offensive rebounds which led to 16 second-chance points.
I was a little surprised to read that Iowa State’s head coach Bill Fennelly was a little upset that Lisa Bluder, Iowa’s head coach, put on a full court press with one minute left.
The ‘Clones had just pulled their starters and led by 15.
Mr. Bill put all five starters back in and said afterward, “I don’t want her (coach Bluder) to embarrass my second team.”
I’m sure that was Lisa’s goal, Mr. Bill, to embarrass your second team, or maybe she wanted to try to close the game on a good run.
If Mr. Bill was worried, why didn’t he leave his starters in? Also it sounds like he doesn’t have much confidence in his reserves.
Sounds like a whole lot about nothing.
The Hawkeyes dropped to 10-2 and have next week off because of finals.