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The back is the beginning for optimal health

Kay Family Chiropractic accepting patients in North Liberty
Dr. Kayla “Kay” Davis demonstrates the use of a Delta T/Nervoscope on her husband Jesse. The device measures temperatures along the spine looking for heat generated by irritated nerves. The results are displayed in real time on a computer screen so that both Dr. Davis and her patient can pinpoint problems in detail. (photos by Chris Umscheid)

By Chris Umscheid
North Liberty Leader

NORTH LIBERTY– It’s been a busy year for Kayla “Kay” Davis. In February she graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic. In May, she married her husband Jesse. In September, she opened Kay Family Chiropractic in the Grand Rail Development in North Liberty.
You could say Davis has had a life-long interest in chiropractic care, and you would be correct. She started receiving chiropractic treatments when she was two weeks old, and credits her chiropractor for making a huge difference in her life. “My chiropractor saved me from many sports injuries that would’ve taken me out for a season. I was able to get right back in the next game.” Davis was a four-sport athlete in her hometown of Correctionville in far northwest Iowa. But the treatments did more than keep her active in sports. “I was one of those few kids who never had an ear infection growing up, or was sick, so it (chiropractic care) was a cool way to grow up.”
Originally she had plans of being a cardiologist, but discovered in her undergraduate work her vision of what healthcare could or even should be differed. “It didn’t fit my style of thinking, the way all of the med school students were thinking. I needed to find something different… I still wanted to help people and be in the medical field.” Davis said she’s seen a lot of what the medical community can do, including a lot of mistakes. “I want to be able to address the whole body instead of, ‘I’m a specialist and I’m not looking at anything else.’ I want to be able to look at the person as a person, and not as their disease.”
At Palmer, Davis did pursue a specialty, but one that enhances her ability to assess and treat the whole patient. She entered the Troxell Intern Program, which teaches the Gonstead method of chiropractic care. “The reason I chose Gonstead instead of doing something a little less specific is because what I do is a very specific technique. It’s something where I do a ton more steps than most chiropractors do to get to the end result of the adjustment.” She added utilizing the Gonstead method allows her to determine exactly where to adjust and how to adjust. This enables her to work with and fix more than just your basic, garden-variety back pain.
“I’m working with cases of very bad stomach issues, kids with bed wetting, and more stuff like that. When a vertebrae is out-of-place, the swelling and everything associated with it being out of place decreases the function of that nerve.” The affected nerve could be going to the stomach, or any other part of the body, in turn decreasing or otherwise affecting that body part’s function. “By taking pressure off of that nerve, indirectly or directly, it allows that nerve to function and do what it’s supposed to.”
And, it’s all hands-on adjusting. To determine where the problem lies, Davis uses a Delta T/Nervoscope, a highly sensitive device, which measure the difference in temperature of nerves as she runs it up and down the spine. An inflamed nerve, much like any other inflammation in the body, gives off heat, which the scope detects, and displays on a computer image of the spine. “If there’s a vertebrae in your back that’s out-of-place, it gets hot and swollen, and it affects the nerve.” In addition she utilizes X-rays, “from the nose down to the pelvis,” which she correlates with the case history.
“I have a more analytical approach to chiropractic than just laying somebody down on a table and poking at them. I use a whole spine concept. What if I do something down here, how is it going to affect something up here?” The man who developed the technique was originally a mechanical engineer, Davis said, explaining the thought process behind it. “It’s just crazy to think of what little things you can change, and what the impact is later on.”
Dr. Davis also offers a variety of other services, helping her patients to make changes in their life, which will bring benefits in their overall health and well-being. For example, she teaches patients corrective exercises to improve the effectiveness of the chiropractic treatments. Lifestyle advice comes into play as she works with patients to make changes toward a healthier way of life, and Davis also offers nutritional counseling including supplements and vitamins tailored to the individual. To that end, Kay Family Chiropractic sells Standard Process brand vitamins and supplements, which are made from 100 percent natural, organically-grown food products. Davis pointed out the body completely absorbs these vitamins and minerals, unlike some others, which can stack up over time in the intestines. She described an X-ray she’d seen where multivitamins were literally piled up inside a patient.
Upon entering the clinic, visitors are greeted by Murphy, the doctor’s K-9 companion. New patients fill out a symptom survey, a general overview of symptoms people may have, which correlates to body systems. A patient’s nutrition is also looked at. “Nutrition is horrible in today’s society. I’m right here behind McDonald’s, I have to watch people go through the drive-thru everyday. Knowing what people are putting into their bodies is key.” She said people need food like Brussels sprouts, kale and beets. “Those are the things your body truly needs to function at it’s best.” She added jokingly, “I’m pretty sure there might be three people in North Liberty who eat that stuff.”
Kay Family Chiropractic is located at 710 Pacha Parkway, No. 4 (next door to Capanna Coffee). Phone 319-626-3500 to schedule an appointment. For more information on chiropractic care and the services Dr. Davis offers, go online to kayfamilychiro.com.